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Photo Gallery How To's & Features

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Photo Gallery How To's & Features

Post  Mountain Elves on 9/1/2009, 12:51

First, make sure you are registered & logged in to the Gallery.
(The Gallery requires a separate registration from this forum)

The Photo Gallery has a few, simple rules. If you haven't seen them yet... PLEASE READ THEM HERE!

How To's:

  • If you haven't already created an album, click on "Upload File". You will receive an Error message saying "Sorry there is no album where you are allowed to upload files" (this is normal) >Click on "Create/Order My Albums" in the message to create your first album. Your album will appear in a drop down box when you upload your file.

  • In the Gallery under "User Admin" you can click on "Create/Order My Albums" and then click "New" to create as many albums as you wish & sort your photos! Don't forget to give your albums names!

  • Guild members have full access to create their own albums AND/OR upload photos to all Public Albums. Members can choose which album to place a photo via the dropdown box when uploading.
  • When you upload your photos, you will have the option to choose which album(s) to place your photos in (via a drop down list). Choose "Personal Albums" for albums that YOU have already created or choose another album that has already been created for you.
  • If you do not see the "User Admin" or "Create/Order My Albums" link on the main page of the Gallery, then you are either not registered or not logged in to the Gallery!
  • All image/video/audio file types are allowed. All other document types will be rejected (i.e MS Word etc...)
  • Pick and choose! If you have a lot of photos, do not upload every single photo twice, once to your user created albums AND the Community Gallery! Rotate your photos if need be! You can edit each photo when ever you want and move the photos back and forth between your Personal albums & the Community Gallery.
  • If you receive an error that "you are not authorized to upload photos", then you have not been placed in the Santamakers Group or Guild Group in the Gallery which allows you to access to this feature.

  • If you are sure that you have been placed in one of the authorized groups and recieve the warning "Sorry there is no album where you are allowed to upload files" then you have not created an album!

Gallery Categories & Descriptions:

Members Photo Albums: This is where all Santamaker member's albums automatically go when created, Santamakers & Guild members may create multiple albums to organize photos. This is also the only area in the Gallery where non-guild members are allowed to upload photos. Due to Coppermine's built in security, this is also the only area where all members (Guild & Non-Guild) are allowed to create albums. However, Guild members have access to upload to all Public Albums that have been created by the Gallery Admin.

The Santamakers Community Gallery: This is an album that has already been created where Guild members may upload photos of their Santa's without needing to create an album. Guild members may also move photos from personal albums into the Community Album. Pick and choose! If you have lots of photos, do not upload every single photo twice, once to your user created albums AND the Community Album! You can edit each photo when ever you want and move the photos back and forth between albums.

See the Artists: Just like the album on the MSN group. This is where you can upload a photo of you. Put a face to your username. So, upload your mug shot here!

Other Figuratives: This is where Guild members can show off their non-Christmas creations. Any photos not related to Santas, Elves or Christmas should go here.

The Guild Shop: This is the ONLY area where Guild members may list Santa's & other figurative creations that are offered for sale. Three sub-albums have been created: Santas, Other Figuratives & Christmas Ornaments. All listings & sales transactions are the responsibility of the individual artist.
Santamakers Guild Website & Forum photo submissions: In order to keep the Santamakers site looking interesting & fresh, photos are needed for the Guild Website design. Guild members may submit photos to this album that will be considered for design use on the site & forum. By submitting a photo in this category you automatically give the Santamakers Guild & Forum permission to manipulate or edit the photos that you submit for the use in the design & construction of the site and/or forum. A "photo credits" link is listed at the bottom of all pages of the Guild website, crediting our members for the photos that we use.

Please read! Usernames from this forum are checked against usernames registered at the Gallery and added to a "special group" in the Gallery called "Santamakers". (If you are a Guild member you will be added to the Guild Group) All members registered to both the photo gallery and this forum using the same username will be placed in the Santamakers group. Group Members will then have access not only to upload their photos but will be able to create multiple albums, rate, comment on photos, upload videos, send postcards using the photos in the Gallery (If the owner of the album has allowed these features).

Everyone needs to register to both this forum AND the Photo Gallery: Because they are located on separate servers, I have no way of creating one login for both. A small price to pay for not having to deal with a bunch of advertisements that are present on free galleries.

The good news is, since I've been playing around with the program, I have figured out that if you check the box that keeps you signed into the Gallery, you don't have to log back in unless you clear your computer's cookies!! (This works 90% of the time anyway).

If you are having problems logging in or uploading and need help, just ask! Smile

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