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Photo Gallery new design/features!

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Photo Gallery new design/features!

Post  Mountain Elves on 2/4/2009, 21:20

I redesigned the photo gallery using a template that should work with all browsers. The Gallery flows much nicer now with the rest of Santamakers too.

I've enabled private albums. I thought this might be a good feature if we want to show off photos that we don't want the general public seeing. On your albums you will see a drop down box where you can choose which Groups you want your album to be visible to. So if you have supplies for sale & want to list photos you can make that album viewable to only the Santamakers Group. (Guild members are in the santamakers group) Members can also make personal albums viewable by only to themselves. (Of course the Admin. can still view everything going on)

Instructors are welcome to utilize the Gallery for themselves & students! If you teach a class, you can offer your students the choice to make an album of their work/progress. (I will list details how to set this up in the Student Center at a later date). Instructors please contact me so I can add you to the "class instuctor" group in the Gallery so you can view your students work! Student albums will only be viewable to the students & teacher. Finished student works can then be published to a public album if desired.

A word of warning.. If we find any albums set to public where classes, supplies or personal stuff in general is listed. Your album will be switched to "Private with Santamaker Group viewing rights" by the Admin. We will send you an email to let you know that your settings were changed.

I removed the option that allows visitors to switch templates in the Gallery. Having that option turned on was slowing down the Gallery. With the new design we really don't need the option to switch designsi anymore.

I reworded & trimmed down the directions for Santamakers on the main page of the Gallery so I didn't sound so much like an Army Sargent spitting out orders. Laughing

I'm going to try to trim down directions on the forum too. I'm a little too >>>> yammer Blush
If anyone is good at that sort of thing, any help would be appreciated!

Enjoy the Gallery!!
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