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Registration Help - Forum & Photo Gallery

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Registration Help - Forum & Photo Gallery

Post  Mountain Elves on 19/3/2009, 23:59

If you are having registration problems please Contact us here. Include the username you are trying to register with and we will validate you manually. (Username already taken, etc..)

Please remember that after you've registered to the Santamakers Forum with a valid email address, you will be sent an email from the forum advising you to click the link to validate your account. This is done for security purposes. You MUST click on that link or you will not be registered as a member and able to post!

Because this validation email is auto-generated, it is possible to be caught by spam-detectors, bulk-item folders and junk boxes. Please check all those and add and to your safe senders list.


  1. The Gallery requires a separate registration from the forum. (Sorry I have no way to connect the two)
  2. To upload to the Photo Gallery: You must be a registered member of this forum first and use the same username for both this forum & the Photo Gallery. You will then be placed (usually within 24 hours or sooner) in the "Santamakers Group" in the Photo Gallery which will allow you to create personal photo album(s)
  3. Registered Santamaker members have access to create & upload to their personal albums only (You will need to create one). Guild Members have full feature access.
  4. If you haven't created an album, then the first time you click on "Upload File" you will receive an Error message saying "Sorry there is no album where you are allowed to upload files" Click on "Create/Order My Albums" in the message to create your first album.
  5. When you upload your photos, you will have the option to choose which album(s) to place your photos in via a dropdown box. Choose "Personal Albums" for albums that YOU have already created or if you are a Guild Member you can choose another album that has already been created. If you do not see the "User Admin" or "Create/Order My Albums" link on the main Gallery page, then you are either not registered or not logged in to the Gallery & need to log in! You can edit & organize all your albums & photos at any time by clicking on the "My Gallery" link. Read more...
  6. If you are a Guild Member and do not wish to create your own album, you can upload your photos to the "Santamakers Community Album" or other Public Albums that Guild Members have special access to.

red starTIP red star
In the Gallery under
"User Admin" you can click on "Create/Order My Albums" and then click "New" to create as many albums as you wish to sort your photos! Don't forget to give your albums names!

Attention Santamaker members already registered to the Santamakers MSN & Yahoo Groups prior to 1/1/09: Please click on GROUPS to request to be added to the Guild Group. You will need to be added to this group in order to post to the "Meet the Artist" section and to sell in the Santamakers Guild Shop as well as having full access in the Photo Gallery.

New Members may request being added to the Guild Group after 10 posts to the forum.

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