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Template & How To's - Adding a listing to Meet the Artist

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Template & How To's - Adding a listing to Meet the Artist

Post  Mountain Elves on 11/1/2009, 10:50

Remember the "Meet the Artist" section links directly from the Santamakers Guild website! We want it to look as nice as possible! I suggest that you use this template as a guideline to add your information.

The following template is not required. It is only a suggestion to help make all listings a little more professional & uniform.

For those of you familiar with message boards this shouldn't be a problem, but if you are new to the whole message board format, I will try to help you.

As an example and since I'm not making Santa's right now, I created my old listing in the Test Forum and not in the Meet the Artist section. My example may help give you an idea of how you can construct your page.

If you need help formating your listing, send me a PM or email and I'll help you.

As a suggestion, you may want to consider testing your listing in the test forum and then copy and paste the information to the "Meet the Artist" forum! Remember the test area is deleted by the moderators every so often so don't get upset if your listing disappears from that section after so long!

Subject of Topic: This should include your name or the name of your business

Photo of you or your work:
Business Name:
Your name:
URL of Website or Blog:
Link to your Photo Gallery Album if you created one:
Description of your Santas:
About the Artist:
Contact Information:

Replies have been disabled in the "Meet the Artist" section! If your listing gets too far down on the list, you may "bump" your listing only 4 times in a twelve month period.
Here's how:

  • Create a new topic
  • Go to your old listing (it is suggested opening another window so you can go back and forth)
  • Click "edit" on your old listing and copy the information from there. *Copying the listing by viewing in normal mode will not work and not leave your links & photos intact!
  • Go to your "new topic" and paste the information. Don't forget to include your name or business name in the subject of your post!
  • Preview to see if everything looks OK
  • Post!
  • Delete your old listing and save the moderators the trouble of doing it!
  • Remember that you are only allowed to "bump" 4 times in a year from the date of your first listing!
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