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The latest news

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The latest news

Post  LMPartdolls on 23/8/2009, 13:52

I thought you guys might enjoy a crazy little story..... Shocked

I had a slight "accident" about a month and a half ago at one of my son's baseball games. As you all know, I love to take my "projects" with me to the games and work while I'm watching. Well, I tripped and fell, and of course, I had a box of clay ornaments with me that had not been baked that I was still sculpting on. Soooooo, no matter what happened, those were NOT gonna hit the ground! I managed to succeed in protecting the ornaments, unfortunately, my foot did not make out so good on the deal. rofl rofl Oh yes, I looked like a clutz...but, heh, my ornaments didn't get messed up! hehe

Well, as a result, I broke a bone in the middle of my foot and did a hairline fracture on the outer bone under my big toe as it turns out. Of course, I let it go...thinking I had just badly bruised it. In the mean time, I've had this bunion forming and giving me the world of heck. Nasty little thing that it is. Well, when I fell, the brunt of the damage not only broke a bone in the middle of the foot, but also made that bunyun VERY angry. So, the healing process has been much to be desired since I never rested it, so the swelling never completely went away and of course, the swelling has been aggravating the bunion. So, I ended up having to go to the dr. where they say they will have to cut 1/2 of the bone away at the bunion area and then place a pin in to realign the bones into the correct position. Then, they might put me in a walking boot on my foot so I can atleast do some weight bearing on it as soon as I can stand it. This way, both the broken bone and hairline fracture and the nasty little devil can begin to heal at the same time.

What the heck, who am I kidding...this was all planned so I can have a vacation of 2 weeks and more time to sculpt on my Santas. At any rate, the surgery will be set for Sept.4 if everything goes as planned.

So, aside from that little bit of video card is about to bite the dust. I have these nasty little red vertical lines on my monitor now as I speak. So, if y'all happen not to see me for a certain period of time..don't be too alarmed. The computer probably has me out of commission. My hubby is gonna try to get me up and running before the problem gives out completely. The video card is still under warranty so he's been fighting with the home tech people all morning. He finally got irritated enough and his last comments were "you're full of crap...bye". rofl rofl All that coming from a guy that has the patience of Job. He claims he can take care of it better at work tomorrow with the people he deals with through there. We'll see. notsure

So, the most exciting news is that school starts tomorrow! Yay!! pray Maybe I'll have a cleaner house again. And, I'm almost done sculpting the 32" santa boots. Got just a little more to do on them, then off to the oven. whew

So, I'm off to finish them up.


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