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Avatar Sizer

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Avatar Sizer

Post  psclaus on 23/1/2009, 07:58

Have a great photo you would like to use as an avatar, but the photo is too big? Here is a cool little download to resize that fabulous photo to the right size for use in your forums. Remember, 150 pixel is what you need in here. These are free downloads Smile (this one is very simple)

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Re: Avatar Sizer

Post  Mountain Elves on 23/1/2009, 11:28

Thanks psclaus! wub Truthfully the limit in av size is 150 height x 140 width.
I'm not sure if the width & height can be reversed. I'll have to try it! idiot

I'd also like to know if the forum is loading slow for too many members. If so, we can change the limit to 140x140 or smaller if need be. Until we start hearing some complaints from members we can leave the size limit at 150 x 140 or smaller.

The avatar sizers are very useful thanks! It would be nice to find one that didn't require a download. A sizer that worked right online would be nice.

I could take requests & resize images for members in my spare time. Smile Just don't expect results in a hurry! Laughing
Mountain Elves

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