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Forum Update 1/15/09

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Forum Update 1/15/09

Post  Mountain Elves on 15/1/2009, 18:38

Forum updates will usually include any features added or removed from either the message board, photo gallery or guild website. Any changes to rules or member access will also be included in the forum update topics.

Server Down: It seems the message board had some server problems right at 9:00 when the help chat was to begin. We were back up and running 20 minutes later. The same thing happened Wed. night for about 10 minutes and my guess is the the techs are backing up the server at that time. (Probably not a good time to hold a chat then) Usually this only lasts for 10-15 minutes unless there is a major security upgrade and usually it doesn't happen every night. You will experience a blank screen when the server is backing up our forum.

Edit: Well, it seems the server kept going up & down Thursday night. Sorry for the inconvience. A little later in the evening we did manage a small informal chat with a few members that was fun! Smile

Forum Update 1/15/09

  • Added "The Gallery Shop" to the photo gallery & changed access permissions to upload photos.
  • Registered members may create & upload to their "Personal albums" only. Guild Members have full access to the Photo Gallery including uploading items for sale in "The Guild Shop".
  • The Guild Shop will not be linked to the Guild website until the albums look full enough to show.
  • Added "The Trading Post" Forum to the Santamakers Workshop category.
  • Added legal disclaimer & privacy policy to the Website, gallery & forum.
  • I will be removing the Guild Shop in the forum and we will use the Photo Gallery as the "Shop" instead. I believe it will be much easier for members to add to the Gallery then to create a listing on the forum. Agreed?
  • Added "Show & Tell" , "Hall of Fame" & "Artist Links" forums to the Community Center.
  • Added "The Sculpting Room", "Tree House", "Sewing Circle" & "Video Tutorials" to the Santamakers Workshop Category.
  • In the following week I will try to add a few Visual Tutorials on using the Forum Features. I'll also add some tips and tricks that will help make getting around the forum easier. Hopefully this will help our members who are not familiar with this type of message board format.

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