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Idex Orlando Show 2010

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Idex Orlando Show 2010

Post  LMPartdolls on 10/2/2010, 15:17

Alright, as promised here are the pictures from my Idex Orlando trip. The show was not as big as it was the 2 previous years that I have gone, but, it was still a pretty good size. There were a ton of booths ranging from baby dolls, art dolls, ball-jointed dolls, and teddy bears. Your big names were there like the Ashton Drake galleries, Marie Osmond with her line of dolls, Tonner Dolls, and a few others; I can't remember all the big names. There were some new comers as well as the old favorites. Forgive me for not thinking about writing the names down of all the artist I took pictures of , but I did ask for permission before snapping the photos. I wanted to share as much with you as I possibly could. For those of you that are familiar with Jack Johnston's art guild, they had a considerable layout this year too. I was lucky enough to get a couple of pictures of with Jen Printy (who has had a nice feature article running in Doll Crafter and Costuming) and Sherri Williams both who were both displayed with the artdoll guild that Jack promotes. Ankie Daanan also was there as a returning doll artist as well as Joe McPhale (who currently has a nice BJD section in Doll Crafter and Costuming magazine as well), along with Elizabeth Dye. Miss Mollie O was there with her beautiful dolls, Xenis was there, and hmmm Friederacry (I don't think I'm spelling that right) but I love her work. Tons and tons of others. So many I can't remember them all.

At any rate, I took quite a bit of photos though, not of every single thing. Some of them are kind of blurry, and the lighting was a little to be desired, but I included those photos because there were not that bad and you could still get a general idea of what was there. Anyway, enjoy the 2 slide shows!


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