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Finally something from the clay! 1/27/10

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Finally something from the clay! 1/27/10

Post  LMPartdolls on 27/1/2010, 17:34

Yes, yes, you read that right. I finally pulled out my clay and started to smoosh it into something recognizable. Although, I admit, I have been smooshing away for a week at just this little bit. I figured, if I posted a WIP it would get me even more motivated to keep moving into that direction. At any rate, it is a start...and that is what I need. Hopefully it will come out better than I expect. We will see what direction it will take me in the days to come. It is not what I initially wanted...but, well, they sometimes make up their own minds for us. hehe I will still keep my little woodland fairy in the back of my head. Perhaps she will poke her head out at the next clay setting. I did manage to find a really neat stick in the yard that I want to use for her. My husband must have thought I had lost my marbles when he seen me stop digging in the dirt and pull up a nice twisted piece of a twig with lightbulbs going off in my eyes. hehe



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