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A Christmas Candy Elf!

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A Christmas Candy Elf!

Post  LMPartdolls on 14/10/2009, 21:49

Yes, yes, I have been busy these past couple of weeks. Working on all sorts of things. But you guys should know me by now, I never have just one poker in the fire, I have to have them all going at once. I have been working on this little one while working on the dark fairy. I finished her a couple days ago, but needed to finish putting all the pieces in place on her base. Again, the pictures are crappy becaue I have bad lighting. Hopefully I'll get some better pics of her in the next couple of days and stick her on my website. Normally I take all my pics outside. But, since I was antsy pantsy I couldn't wait to take pics and show you guys. lol

Here she is. I call her "Skittles"! Oh, by the way, the candy is all polymer clay, I wouldn't suggest eating it or else you'll get the worse belly ache ever. rofl rofl



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Re: A Christmas Candy Elf!

Post  DianeExpress on 15/10/2009, 00:15

Lori.....ADORABLE!!!...........FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You must have had a ball making her. Hugs....Diane

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