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40" santa...sort of

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40" santa...sort of

Post  LMPartdolls on 23/9/2009, 17:54

Well, here is the one everyone has been waiting for I think. I had been searching around trying to find a place to take a picture of him because he is so tall and I needed the appropriate lighting. Unfortunately, no matter where I went and no matter what I did, he wanted to tip forward, even in his stand. Finally, I found a place in my kitchen with enough light and took a picture. Unfortunately, I realized he was missing his prop, which was supposed to be a stick horse he would be holding in his hand. Well, I turned to grab it and he did a face plant smack dab in the middle of my kitchen floor.

The first thing I seen was bits and pieces of his fingers in all sorts of little pieces. Immediately, I knew those were not repairable. So, I stood there with my mouth all agape and I didn't know whether to or to . Slowly, I mustered up enough courage to pick him up and inspect his face. Luckily for me, that was unscathed. So, the only harm done was his hands. Long gone those are.

Unfortunately for me, I do not have time to redo his hands before this weekend. Which REALLY makes me very mad and I could spit fireballs for it since he was supposed to be my center piece for my display. So, now, I'm left with trying to figure out what went wrong and how to fix it before the next attempt. I think the armature was a bust to begin with even though initially it felt like it was nice and strong. I should have just went with my better judgement and used pvc. But, that is what I get for being in a hurry and doing what I thought was the next best thing. So, anyway, I think I can get his head off the armature, maybe his boots if I'm lucky. I know I can get his suite off and I can always remake his skin. No biggie. But, it's just the time it took that makes me sick.

Well, anyway, here is his picture before his tragic accident. Hopefully, I can bring him back even better the next go round.

Enjoy him while you can....


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