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lori how is santa doing?

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lori how is santa doing?

Post  mandi on 24/8/2009, 13:25

How is santa doing? Shrug Long time no see Miss ya .mandi Excited

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Re: lori how is santa doing?

Post  LMPartdolls on 24/8/2009, 14:24

Hiya Mandi,

Santa is moving right along! Thank you for asking. You can see the latest pics in the "works in progress" section under the post of "august 21, wips update". I try to post pics when I can on the progress. I'll keep them under the same post for less confusion. So, you'll just have to keep tabs on it and watch for new post. lol It gets too confusing trying to keep up with too many post on the same topic. Going in circles tongue

Miss ya too, hope things have been going alright.


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