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Y'all talked out, huh?

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Re: Y'all talked out, huh?

Post  darel on 17/8/2009, 19:00


You are not losing all of your marbles. I could not see the little green or red buttons by the post all weekend. It seems to be fixed now though.

Or, maybe we are all losing our marbles. Wouldn't be the first time for me.


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Re: Y'all talked out, huh?

Post  LMPartdolls on 17/8/2009, 19:11

whew Thank goodness, Darel...glad I'm not the only one. I would not be surprised if it was...atleast I know now that I had company. lol tease Friends don't let friends go crazy alone. hehe But you are right, does seem to be working fine now. I haven't had any issues throughout the entire day popping in and out of here.

But, one good thing did come out of it not working forced me to sit and get some work done. lol I managed to get all the hair washed out that I need to finish up the caucasion santa ornaments. I also put hair on the 2nd 18" santa. Which, I think he is gonna be my best one to date and I can't wait for y'all to see his face. And...yep...that is an "and"...... I finally found the time to finish sculpting the 32" santa head following the JK cd. I decided I did not like her style of ears at all. They looked like big ole flabby hunks of flappy skin hanging there...and so...I made my own. They look like ears. Wink lol So, in all, I have had some very productive time over the last few days while my son has been out of town visiting Maine. And, not a moment too soon as tomorrow I'll pick him up at the airport. I've missed him a lot, but, boy the peace and quiet was so nice. Chuckle And, tomorrow, he'll pick up where he left off and with his girlfriend at his side, camped out on the couch. rofl Oh to be young again. No cares in the world. lol

Anyway, hopefully, in the next couple days I'll be able to post some picks of some of the new stuff.


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